Roof and single storey rear extension, and porch infill


A roof extension with front and rear facing dormers, single storey rear extension and porch infill to front to create an enclosed entrance.

A new roof provides 2 new bedrooms on the first floor and family bathroom, as well as a spacious landing featuring sea views over Swanage. The ground floor existing living area is converted into a large master bedroom with adjoining ensuite. 

The remainder of the ground floor creates a large family open plan living area, including a hidden pantry and log burner. Large bifold doors access the garden, and 3 large square rooflights bring light deep into the house. The property is designed in a contemporary style, featuring red cedar accents, grey zinc dormers and anthracite framed windows and doors.

Services provided

  • Measured building survey
  • Concept and scheme design
  • Planning application